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Zechariah's Scientific Research

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Zechariah earned his First and Second Degrees (a BSc and Masters degree) from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Rehovot campus (with his Masters degree under the supervision of Dr. Shilo Rosenwasser).  At the time of his death he was close to receiving his doctorate in Dr. Nir Sadeh's laboratory at Tel Aviv University's Grain Institute. On June 9th, 2024, Zechariah was awarded his doctorate by Tel Aviv University.  The title of his thesis is "Systems Biology Approach for Stress Resistance and Yield Traits in Crops."

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Scientific Publications

Lecture (in Hebrew) by Dr. Nir Sadeh of Tel Aviv University on Zechariah's work
הרצאה מד"ר ניר שדה על עבודתו של זכריה

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 Dr. Shilo Rosenwasser and Menachem Moshelion from Hebrew University in Rehovot on Zechariah's work there and how they are taking it further

ד"ר שילה רוזנווסר ומנחם מושליון מאוניבורסיטה העברית על עבודתו של זכריה ואיך ממשיכים עם זה הלאה

Additional Files

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